The Bariatric Safety Support for any Stair Chair. It makes all of your stair/rescue chair transports safer and more comfortable for everyone.

The BEAR™ for the Stair Chair, has undergone a major transformation!  It now comes in a small, compact bag that is attached below the seat of the chair. It stores neatly and does not hinder the usage of the chair when not needed. When you need it, simply unzip the zippers on each side and pull out the wings. After doing so, the gold straps attach to the frame of the chair and the BEAR becomes part of the chair. With your patient seated in the chair, it wraps up around the patient and the straps connect in front and behind to anchor the patient to the chair. It is much more convenient to use, just as strong and secure and less expensive than the previous version! What more could you ask for?!

We turn any cot into a BEAR-iatric cot

Seat your patient on the chair and pull the wings up as shown.

BEAR-iatrics Inc.

Once the wings are pulled from the pouch, the gold straps will be visible. These gold straps must be attached to the frame of the chair. This is what creates the stability.

​​Attach to bottom of seat with the heavy duty hook and loop that is provided.

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Simple Steps to Start Using your new BEAR for Stair Chair

When needed, unzip the pouch on the left and right sides of chair and release the wings.

Wrap one end of the red strap and one end of the blue strap around the chair to secure. Then wrap the other end around the front of your patient to secure them to the chair.

If you have one of these stair chairs then you really need this​!!!