BEAR-iatrics Inc.

We turn any cot into a BEAR-iatric cot

The BEAR™ Air (Aircraft Version) is specially designed for the narrower skid type patient cot on Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing Aircraft. The BEAR™ Air is a little smaller than our original BEAR due to weight restrictions on most  aircraft. Made with the same high grade materials and dependability as the original BEAR™,  our BEAR™ Air has our special Lower Extremity Restraint System which prevents sudden horizontal shift of the patient in flight and in the event of Autorotation. All BEAR™ Air units are custom built to your specific equipment and that makes the options endless. Average weight of our BEAR™ Air is 7.4 pounds.

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Requested by our partners in the EMS aviation industry. The BEAR Air was developed to support the uncontrollable mass when loading and unloading obese patients through reduced spaces only found in rotary and fixed wing aircraft. 

L.E.R.S. Lower Extremity Restraint System