BEAR (Bariatric Equalizing Abdominal Restraint)
Is an innovative product solely designed to keep the uncontrollable abdominal mass into the center of the cot. All BEAR-iatric products attach to the side rail frame thus making it virtually impossible for the cot to tip laterally. Our product guarantees it will lower your patient's anxiety level, speed up your transport time, and reduce back injury to your transport crew.  

We turn any cot into a BEAR-iatric cot

Without WARNING!

This could happen to you.....


1. Attaches to the side frame and mattress plate.

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4. When finished, wipe clean with any disinfectant, fold back into the pouch and store them under the mattress.

BEAR-iatrics Inc.

2. Nylon mesh fabric inside each pod is vinyl coated, UV resistant, Chemical Resistant, and reusable. 

3. Mesh fabric goes around the abdominal girth and supports what gravity is trying to pull off the cot. Because the device secures tightly to the cot, it will not allow the weight to reach the center-point of gravity and prevents the cot from tipping.

Looking for a cost efficient, durable, and proven way to control the abdominal mass of your extra large patients? YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT WEB SITE.

As a professional care provider, what do you do when; 

  1. Your patient is too wide for your 700# rated cot.
  2. You do not have a Bariatric cot.
  3. Your called to evacuate a complex with several extra large patients.

​Bariatric Cot $7000.00      BEAR PODs $320.00

Three important things before you invest 

1. Not all obese and bariatric patients warrant the use of a Bariatric Cot. 90% of these patients are 4’5" – 5’7" tall and weigh between 300 to 700 lbs. These patients are too small for a bariatric cot but are too large for a conventional 20" wide cot.
Our product guaranties you are able to transport a 700 lb. patient on your existing cot that is rated at 700 lbs. safely, and efficiently.  If you have a Bariatric Cot, our product enhances that feature.

2. Our product will prevent sudden lateral shift from the uncontrolled abdominal mass of these larger patients because our product attaches to the side rail frame of the cot. Attaching the device to the frame prevents the weight from breaking the center line of gravity preventing tipping. We do not just increase the mattress surface but rather create stability  and lower the risk of the cot tipping, preventing injury to the patient, and preventing injury to the transport crew.

3. When transporting larger people, almost everything you do is an annoyance and creates anxiety. Your patient is annoyed because they are embarrassed which usually is projected as anger towards you.  Our product is proven to reduce patient anxiety, and protects patient dignity. Our product is requested by actual patients and it keeps large patients within the GOLDEN HOUR of care by not having to wait for a bariatric unit to respond. Many agencies are going fleet wide.