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As we exited the Critical Care Unit at the hospital, the huge abdominal mass of our bariatric patient started to shift to the left. The sudden lateral shift caused the cot to tip, the fast acting transport crew pushed the cot against the wall and prevented this call from going really bad. I was on that call and this is my story...


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Turn any cot into a BEAR-iatric cot

Keith T. Ishida, President/CEO


BEAR(Bariatric Equalizing Abdominal Restraint)
is an innovative product that attaches to conventional ambulance cots and longboards to accommodate and stabilize the large abdominal mass of an obese/bariatric patient.

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BEAR Stair Chair

Like it's predecessors, it attaches to the frame of the stair chair and becomes part of the chair. Once your patient is seated in the chair, it wraps around the abdominal mass in two directions. The lower part of the device comes up from the bottom and pulls upward embracing the thighs and hips of the patient. The top portion of the device feeds through the specially designed slide pockets and once adjusted properly, provides support to the otherwise uncontrollable abdominal mass.


The BEAR™ Air is a little smaller than our original BEAR due to weight restrictions on most  aircraft. Made with the same high grade materials and dependability as the original BEAR™,  our BEAR™ Air has our special Lower Extremity Restraint System which prevents sudden horizontal shift of the patient in flight and in the event of Autorotation. All BEAR™ Air units are custom built to your specific equipment and that makes the options endless.



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